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Project Description

Dry Dates

Dates are available year round, but because they are harvested in fall and early winter, they’re freshest then. There are three main categories of dates: soft, semisoft, and dry.

Dry dates, or bread dates, are not dates that have been deliberately dehydrated, as is the case with other kinds of dried fruits. Instead, they simply contain relatively little moisture when ripe.

There are hundreds of varieties of dates that grow asnd riped as dry, or as arabian name “Tamer” which means the mature type of date.


More Details

Season Start Time

Mid of September


Fard – Khinizi – Lulu –

Dabbas – Naghal – Sayer

Khalas – Shishi – Bu Maan

Mabroom – Safawi – Sagi

Sukkary – Berni – Sefri

Zahdi – Khistawi – Berhi

Majdool – Anbar – Ajwa

Storage Condition

4 to 8 degree Celsius

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