Dates Product/ Added Value

Qutoof Dates قطوف للتمور

Qutoof Dates® is a registered trademark that focus on developing innovative dates products, offering healthy option to our consumers. Qutoof Dates offer wide range of fresh and dry dates varieties, in addition to pressed dates, dates paste, date syrup and chopped dates.

Product / Premium Date

Al Modeef المضيف

Al Modeef means the host in Arabic language. Al Modeef المضيف refers to hospitality and generosity, Al Modeef offer wide range of loose dates in bulk packages, Emarati, Iraqi, and Saudi dates. The trademark target oriental markets worldwide, where ti's classic simple design has been adored many different markets.

Dates Product/ Premium Selected

AL JOOD الجود

The generosity in Arabic is AL JOOD "الجود". the trademark serve premium selected dates products which includes date paste, pressed dates, and date syrup. Targeting retail shop and new modern trade channels in the region.